Saving and reusing styles

When you've used our Block Styles tools to create the look you want, you can save that block styling to your library and use it again any time. 

Saved styles can be especially useful for teams. If your team needs to build Qwilr pages that are heavily customized for each client, but you need a quick way to give them all a consistent look, a style library saves everyone time.

What's included in a saved style

Styles are block-specific. If you save the styling from a Text Block, for example, you can apply it to other Text Blocks, but not to a Splash Block. If you've styled a full page and you want to retain all the styling, you'll want to save the style of each block separately.

When you save a block's styling, it includes the settings you've made in the Block Styles menu.

Your saved styles can include:

  • Background colors
  • Text colors and sizing set from the Block Styles menu
  • Block width and spacing
  • Animations

Certain blocks will have other styling elements included:

  • Splash Block: Tint, opacity, background card
  • Quote Block: Card styling, highlight color
  • Accept Block: Button styling

Note: If you make any text styling adjustments from the contextual styles toolbar, those won't be included in your saved style.

Saving styles

Once you have everything in your block styled the way you want it, click the Style Library icon in the top left corner.

Click the + button to add your new style, and then give it a name.

Reusing styles

To reuse a saved style, start a fresh block. Then head to your Style Library and click on the style you want to use. It will apply to the block automatically. 

You can also use the search field to search your styles by name. If you want to go back to the original style, click Default Style from the top of the list.

Updating a saved style

If you've used a saved style in a block and you make changes to that style, you'll see a Changes made notice in your style library.

Click on the Options icon for this style (3 dots), and you'll see a dropdown menu. From here, you can:

  • Save the changes so they apply to this saved style
  • Revert the changes so your block goes back to the original saved style
  • Save a separate copy of the style that includes the changes (You'll be prompted to give the copy a different name.)
  • Rename this saved style
  • Delete this saved style

When you save changes to a style, you'll have two options:

  • Have the changes apply to all blocks you've already created using the saved style, plus any new ones
  • Have the changes apply only to new blocks you'll create using the style

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