FAQ: Can my client download the PDF of my Qwilr Page?

Your client might want to download or print a PDF copy of your Qwilr Page before they accept it. Here's how to give them that option. (They'll always get a PDF link after they accept the page.)

Step 1. Open the page, head to the top right corner, and click the Download PDF icon. That opens the PDF previewer.

Step 2. Near the bottom left corner of the PDF previewer, there's a public URL for the PDF document. Click the Copy button to copy that to your clipboard.

Step 3. Close the PDF previewer by clicking the Back link. That will take you back to the page editor. 

Step 4. From here, you can set up a text link that points to the PDF. Alternatively, you might want to add a clickable button to your page and link it to the PDF.

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