FAQ: How do I add a link in my page?

Qwilr offers several ways to add links in your page content.

Linking text

Highlight any text, and the styling toolbar appears. Click the Link icon to start a new link. Add the URL you want to link to, and you're all set.

You can also make text links even faster by copying and pasting.

  • Step 1. Copy the URL you want to link, so it's on your clipboard. 
  • Step 2. Highlight the text in your page.
  • Step 3. Use a key command to paste the URL over this text. (For Mac, that's Command-V. For Windows, Ctrl-V.)

Linking images

When you add an image inline, you can always turn it into a link. Click on the image to bring up the toolbar. Then click the Link icon and paste in the URL you want to link to. Now the image is a live link!

Linking buttons

Qwilr also has a clickable button, which you can add to most blocks. Add your URL and customize the button text, and you have a linked button.

Linking to email 

You can also have any link create a new email. We have more details on that here.

Linking to phone number

You can link a phone number by also clicking the Link icon and typing in tel:###-###-####.

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