HubSpot Automations (Beta)

Qwilr's Automations with HubSpot now allows updates to your Qwilr page states to trigger changes in HubSpot records. 

With our new HubSpot Automations (beta), when a Qwilr page is accepted, declined, expires, or otherwise changes state, the connected HubSpot record can now be automatically updated. 

This feature is in beta, you can access it if you are a HubSpot integration user. Early access users can use automations for free until June 2024.

Let us show you how it works in the video below.

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Getting Started with Automations

Step 1. Head to Library in the top left of your Qwilr account and select Automations

Note: The first time you work with Automations, if you've already had your Qwilr and HubSpot integration active, you will see a pop up like the below, asking to re-enable the integration to give Qwilr permission to update your Deal records. Click the Take Me There button to disable and re-enable your integration. Do not worry. All of your HubSpot templates and pages will remain active and attached to the appropriate records. This is just to grant updated permissions between Qwilr and HubSpot.

Step 2. Here you'll find a landing page to create and customize your Automations however you'd like. Want to use one of our Recommendations? We've built some helpful presets to get you started. Just click the + symbol in the top right to add them to Your Library.

  • Automations allow you to change the state in the Deal Pipeline
  • Automations allow you to update deal record fields like Close Date and Amount
  • Note: The Automations for HubSpot are still in Beta and any feedback you can provide is appreciated.

And now you can update your deal line items! More info down below.

But let's take a look at building a brand new Automation

Step 3. Each Automation you create can make apply changes to your Deal Record. You get to decide what states apply which changes. Automations are broken down to When, meaning when a Qwilr Page state changes, Do this, what to update on the HubSpot record. See the images below detailing the Qwilr page state options, and the actions they can trigger.

Step 4. Automations will give you triggers actions, Do this, relevant to that Qwilr page state that can update your HubSpot Deal record. In the below example, we've chosen a page is accepted by the client. Let's show you how to add multiple actions that are triggered in the Hubspot

  • As you can see, we've initially chosen update deal pipeline stage and selected the appropriate fields in Deal pipeline and Deal stage dropdowns. 
  • We can also click the + symbol beneath that to add additional changes.
  • In this case we can update deal close date which will update the close date HubSpot field
  • We've also added update deal amount which updates the amount total of the Qwilr proposal at time of accept in amount field of the connected HubSpot deal record.

Step 5. Once you've set your Automation up, you should add a name and write a short description of this specific Automation in the top left corner. This will be visible on the Automation dashboard. 

Finally, click the Create button at the top right of the window to save your Automation.

You'll see your newly created Automation listed on the Dashboard.

Now let's show you how to apply those to your HubSpot connected Qwilr templates.

Adding Automations to your Templates

Note: Automations must be turned 'ON' via the toggle in the automation library to be assigned to a template.

The first way to add automations to your template is right there underneath the automation you've been working on! Just go to your automations and click to edit, then scroll to the bottom right and you'll see the option to assign automation.

Now, if you already have existing templates you'd like to add, or add template in the future, you can also add an automation right from the template library.

Step 1. Head to your Library at the top left and click on Templates. You'll notice a new automation icon the the row of each of your HubSpot integrated Deal templates. Automations can only be applied to Deal templates with HubSpot at this time (as you can see from no icon net to the Company HubSpot templates).

Step 2. You can click on the Automation icon to select which Automation you would like applied to the Template. This will automatically apply to all pages created from this template. 

Step 3. In your Template library, you will then see your automation icon light up purple to show that one or more Automations have been assigned to that template.

Note: You can click on that icon again to edit which Automations, if any, is assigned to the template.

Activity Log

You can track the status of your Automations via the Activity Log. You can use this to track if your Automation has been successful or errored, and to track if they will need manual updating. 

Clicking on the dropdown on the left will expand the view to see what errors may have occurred.

What's New: Deal Line Items

If you import line items via the products token for HubSpot deals, you can now setup an automation automation to sync back quantity, price and discount of selected line items.

Some important things to note:

  • The only line items that will sync back are the ones that were originally part of the deal record when the Qwilr page was created.
  • If you make changes to the line items on the Qwilr page that was there on creation, like say increasing the price, when it syncs back, the new price will be properly reflected in HubSpot.
  • Optional line items that are not selected will sync back with a 0 quantity in HubSpot.
  • We cannot sync back billing frequency at this time.

FAQs about our new Automations (beta)

Q: Why is it asking me to re-enable my HubSpot engagement? Will I lose any of my data or disconnect pages from HubSpot records?

A: In order to perform the Automations from Qwilr to HubSpot Deal records, we need to re-affirm permissions between the two services. This will not remove or disconnect any of your existing integrated content between Qwilr and HubSpot.

Q: Can I set up global automations? Do I have to individually create them then go and manually assign them?

A: Automations first have to be created, or added to your account from the recommendations library, and turned on. The next step is to assign them individually to your templates. There is no global automations that will automatically apply to any new templates created.

Q:What if I have conditional fields to move a Deal through stages in my Pipeline on HubSpot?

A: If an Automation is set to move a Deal along to a new stage in the Pipeline, it will override that and not require a rep to fill in the fields. This may require either a new Pipeline stage, or a workflow task to have a rep double-check that all required fields are completed. 

Q:Using the sync deal line items action, what elements are synced back to HubSpot?

A: We will sync discount, quantity and price. Only line items that were originally imported via the products token to Qwilr will be synced back. Optional items that are not selected by the buyer will be synced with a quantity of zero. This action will only work for pages created after February 22, 2024.  

Q: What are the limitations of adding Automations? How many can I add to a given template? How many total can I have?

A: Here is a list of details around Automation limitations:

  • You can have a total of 70 automations, with 50 turned on
  • You can assign up to 20 automations to one template
  • You can only assign automations to HubSpot Deal templates in Qwilr
  • You can assign any automation to a HubSpot deal template. If there is a conflict, it will simply error on page creation
  • Only Qwilr admins can create, edit, and assign automations

Q: Can I have Automations like amount or closed date update to different fields?

A: Automations can only update closed date for date closure, and amount for the total amount of the proposal. At this time you can't adjust which fields these update in the deal record. In future we will support syncing to custom fields

Q: What about currency, timestamp, or date calculations? How do those work?

A: Here is a list of details around formatting and communication between Qwilr pages and HubSpot through automations:

  • Your date/time zone will be stamped as UTC time from Qwilr, and modified based on your settings within HubSpot to the closed date field
  • Your amount is recorded as a plain string of numbers and will be formatted based on the HubSpot settings for your amount field in your deal record. It does not record currency. HubSpot has a field called 'amount in company currency' that automatically calculates based on your settings in HubSpot

If you have any questions related to the new Automations in Qwilr, please feel free to reach out to the Qwilr Support team either by emailing or clicking the help button at the right of your Qwilr account.

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