General Qwilr Security

General Security of Qwilr

Link Secrets

The URLs for Qwilr projects are protected by secret links. These links are an automatically generated, very strong password, as part of the URL string. These random hashes are the same security technology that Dropbox, Google and others use to ensure private access to URL accessible material.

For technical details: the secrets are created by generating a RFC4122 compliant UUID (Universally Unique Identifier) and base64 encoding it.

Along with robots.txt instructions and with no links on the public web pointing to these secret URLs, search engines cannot crawl these secret link URLs.

NOTE: If you post links on public websites there may be a chance that search engines may crawl and index their content.

Data Storage

Qwilr’s servers and data-center are provided by RackSpace, one of the top cloud infrastructure providers in the world, with a well deserved reputation for security. Our production database is backed up many times every hour of every single day.


Because  Qwilr Pro & Business Plans allow you to see how many views of your project there have been, you can have a far more nuanced view of how your Qwilr Page is being viewed. If it is ever viewed too many times, or viewed during times that you think are unusual you can disable the link quickly and easily. You can then create a new link for the project and re-share it as needed.

Additional Security Features

You'll also be able to add on additional security to your documents like password protection or views limits. You can read about that  here.