Receiving notifications of page views

You can customize your notifications so that you receive an email when clients view your Qwilr Pages, the first time or every time. If you're an admin, you can also be notified of the views for all of your team's pages. As the project owner or admin, you'll also receive a notification once all parties have accepted your page. 

View notification settings

By default, we'll email you the first time a client views your Qwilr Page. This notification only goes to the creator of the page. If you want to customize your notifications, head to your settings.

Step 1. Click on your initials at the top right corner of the page. Then choose View All Settings.

Step 2. From the left menu of the page, choose Notifications.

Step 3. Choose how often you'd like notification emails: for all page views, for a specific number of page views (such as the first 3), or not at all. 

If you're an account admin, you can also opt to receive notifications for every page created by all users in your account, or only for your own Qwilr Pages.

Notifications on acceptance

We'll automatically send an email notification when all parties have accepted your Pages. This means if you have multiple acceptors, you'll receive a notification once everyone has signed.

Your clients also receive an email once everyone has signed, along with a PDF copy of the signed proposal.

Other notifications

While Qwilr only sends email notifications on views or acceptance, you can use our various integrations to receive notifications via other mediums. For example, if you use Slack, you can activate the Slack integration to receive a message in a #channel of your choice whenever views happen.

Or you can use our Zapier integration to send notifications to any of the 1000+ apps they support.

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