Receiving notifications of page views

Qwilr offers flexible notification options. You can get an email for every page view, a custom number, or none at all. And for any page you've created, you'll also receive a notification once all parties have accepted. 

Notifications of page views

By default, we'll email you the first time your client views your Qwilr Page. This notification only goes to the creator of the page. 

If you want to customize your notifications, here are the steps , head to the top right corner of the Qwilr dashboard. Click on your initials and then choose Account Settings.

From there, head to the left menu and choose Notifications.

Next, choose how often you'd like notification emails: 

  • Always: Get an email for every page view
  • Custom: Get an email for a specific number of page views (such as the first 3)
  • Never: Get no emails for page views

Notifications for admins

If you're an account admin, you can also choose whether to get pageview notifications for pages created by all users in your account, or only for your own pages.

Notifications on acceptance

When a Qwilr Page is accepted, we'll automatically send an email notification to its creator. If you're collecting multiple signatures on a page, you'll receive a notification once everyone has signed.

Your client also receives an email notification once they accept the page.

Note: Qwilr sends acceptance notifications only to the creator/owner of the page, but you can notify more members of your team with either our Slack or Zapier integrations.

Engagement notifications

Engagement Notifications will be related to your Engagement Algorithm set on the page and template level. More info can be found about that here.

Notifications will be sent any time the engagement level of your page changes due to client actions on your page. You will not get emailed if the engagement level changes due to internal actions such as updating the Engagement Algorithm.

Other notifications

While Qwilr only sends email notifications, you can use our integrations to receive other kinds of notifications. 

For example, if your team is on Slack, you can use our Slack integration to send page view and acceptance messages to the #channel of your choice automatically.

Or you can use our Zapier integration to send notifications to many other popular apps.

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