Get notifications about client interactions with your qwilrs.

Email Notifications

All users have access to email notifications and are based on when a project is viewed. You can specify how many project views you want to be notified about. You can be notified about only the first view of a qwilr, the first 10 views, whatever you want.

Notifications are turned on by default, but can be disabled or modified in your account settings.

For account admins, you'll head to Notifications under settings:

From there you'll be able to specify if you want to receive notifications for every project in the account, or only ones you've created. You'll also be able to specify how many views you want to be notified about.

If you're a user, you'll also access the settings under account settings --> Notifications:

You'll be able to specify how many notifications you want to receive for your own projects, but won't be able to receive view notifications for projects created by other users.

Note: If you find yourself receiving 'project opened' notifications unexpectedly, this may be because you've accessed Qwilr after logging out or in private/incognito browsing mode. We do our best to not track notifications if you're logged in to your account, but if you view your project while not logged in, your views will be tracked and you'll be notified about them.

Slack Notifications

If you use Slack, activate the Slack integration to receive a message in a #channel of your choice whenever your qwilrs are first viewed.

Learn more about  setting up the Slack integration.