FAQ: Can I translate my Qwilr Pages?

The Qwilr app is only available in English, but that doesn't mean your Qwilr Pages have to be English. You'll be able to translate most parts of your pages.

Translating Text Blocks and Splash Blocks

You can write anything in a Text or Splash block in your local language. If you run into any issues with a character set please let us know (email [email protected]).

Translating Quote Blocks

You can translate all of the labels in the Quote Block. For more details, please see Can I translate my Quote Block?

Translating Accept Blocks

Within your Accept Block, you'll be able to add text in any language above your Accept button. You can also translate the text on the Accept button itself.

Step 1. In the top left corner of the Accept Block, click the Block Options icon (three dots). Then choose Accept Text.

Step 2. Toggle the Enable Custom Text switch. If you like, you can also add in a custom success message.

Step 3. To translate the Accept button, click on it and type in your translation.

The Accept form itself cannot be changed at this time.

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