Can I translate my Qwilr Pages?

The Qwilr app is only available in English, but that doesn't mean your Qwilr Pages have to be English only. You'll be able to translate most parts of your public Pages.

Text Blocks & Splash Blocks

Anything in a text heavy block can be in your local language. If you run into any issues with a character set or if you're writing in a right-to-left formatted language, please let us know.

Quote Blocks

Within Quote Blocks you can modify everything.

You can set custom labels for:

  • Section
  • Total
  • Subtotal
  • Excluding Tax
  • Discount
  • Off
  • Description
  • Item
  • Quantity
  • Price
  • Per

Create New

To create those new labels head to your Quote Block settings.

And then to the Language Overrides section.

Click on Edit & manage overrides and you'll be taken to your language settings. If you're adding your first override the screen will prompt you to add.

From the add/edit screen you'll see a list of labels and corresponding edit fields.

Make your changes and then press Done

Once you have a new language override you'll head back to the Language Overrides menu and select the language you want applied to your quote.

Once you've done that you'll see your language applied to your quote.


To edit an existing label set head back to your Quote Block settings and the "Language Overrides" section. You'll be able to choose the override you want to edit from there.

Accept Blocks

Within your Accept Block you'll be able to add text in any language above your Accept button and you can translate the Accept button itself.

To do that head to the Accept Block settings.

Then head to the Accept Text section and enable Custom Text. From there you'll be able to add in your custom accept button text as well as a custom success message.

The Accept form itself cannot be changed at this time.

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