Using Custom Styles

With Custom Styles, you’ll be able to make small tweaks to your block’s formatting and style all within our visual editor.

Note: Not seeing this feature in your account? You may have our new Block Styles feature instead.

You can find a video walk through here.

Accessing Custom Styles

Head to the block you want to modify and click on the Custom Styles icon. 

Once you’ve done that the Style Carousel will open up display all of the styles available. From here you'll be able to use existing styles (either from our pre-made collections or your own custom styles) or you can create a new style.

Using Existing Styles

From the carousel you can choose one of our pre-made styles either by browsing via the drop down:

Or by searching for a specifically named style.

Click on any style and see it instantly apply to your block. 

Creating Custom Styles

With the carousel open, click the blue "Create New" button on the right. Our Visual Editor will pop up. Within it you'll be able to set up new styles without needing to know CSS.

There are sections grouped by size, alignment, and color. You can group your choices to keep Headings, Subheadings, and/or Paragraphs in the same ratio as you adjust the sizing and spacing. Alternately, you can edit each grouping separately. 

You can set:

  • Scale - Font size
  • Ratio - How large your headings are in comparison to the paragraph text
  • Spacing - Line spacing
  • Column Width - You can make your columns a bit wider or a bit narrower
  • Alignment - Left or center align your Heading, Subheading, and Paragraph
  • Background Color - Colors are white, your brand color, your complementary color, and slate.
  • Heading Color - Colors are based on your brand and complementary color
  • Subheading Color - Colors are based on your brand and complementary color
  • Paragraph Color - Colors are based on your brand and complementary color

Once you’ve selected your preferences, name your style, and click ‘ Save’.

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