Stripe Integration

What's better than using Qwilr to automate the acceptance process with your clients? Getting their payment too!

Note: Integration set-up is only available to account admins. You'll also need to be an Owner in your Stripe account.

With our Stripe integration, your clients can pay you as they're accepting your your Qwilr Page.

Setting up the Stripe integration

Step 1: Head to the top right corner of your Qwilr dashboard. Click on your initials, then choose Add Integrations. 

Step 2: Choose Stripe from the list of integration options. Then click Connect with Stripe.

Step 3: A window should pop up. (If you don't see one, check whether your browser is blocking the pop-up and allow pop-ups from 

Follow the prompts to connect your Qwilr and Stripe accounts.

Once you've authorized the connection, you're all set up with Stripe!

Setting a Qwilr Page to receive payment

Step 1: Head to the Accept Block in your page. In the top left corner, click on the credit card icon.

Step 2: Toggle the switch to Enable pay now.

Step 3. You can also enter your business name and any optional extra information to appear on your Stripe charge record.

Note: If you don't enter your company name, Qwilr will use the company name from your account settings. After the company name, we'll include as much of the page's title as will fit. There's a 22-character limit to what appears on your client's credit card statement.

With this setting in place, your client will see a payment form added to the default acceptance form. The amount due pulls in from the Quote Block.

Customizing payment options

The Stripe integration has two additional payment options available, so you can customize the payment experience for some clients.

Enable optional payment

When you use the Stripe integration, by default your client is required to pay at the time they accept your page. If your client wants to pay you via a different method than Stripe, you can toggle the Enable optional payment switch. 

Your client will see the Optional payment message at the top of the payment form. They'll be able to accept the page without making a payment.

Enable part payment

What if you only need to collect a deposit when your page is accepted? In that case, toggle the Enable Part Payment switch and enter the percentage.

The payment amount will recalculate to match your percentage, and your client will see the current amount due on the payment form.

Note: If you collect a partial payment during acceptance, you'll need to invoice your client separately for the balance. That later payment can't be processed through Qwilr, but you can issue an invoice through your Stripe account (or any other billing method you use).

Disabling the Stripe integration

You can disable your integration with Stripe at any time by going to the Stripe integration settings in Qwilr and clicking Disable.

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