Watch for these icons in Qwilr

As you use Qwilr, you’ll see a few icons appearing over and over. Here's a quick guide to the things they help you do.

The + Symbol: Inserting content

You'll see this icon in three places: 

  • Between any two blocks in your page
  • Between sections of a price quote
  • On any empty line in a block

Clicking on the +, you can insert all kinds of new content into your page. Try it!

The Paint Roller: Adding styling

Want to add color? Change a font size or alignment? Make subtle changes to the structure of your block? Click on the paint roller. 

You'll see the paint roller in these spots:

  • In the top left corner of every block
  • Clicking along the top edge of most page elements, such as the price quote, an accordion section, the Accept button, and so on.
  • Highlighting any text

Styling is a big topic. Check out this page if you want to go deeper.

3 Dots: Accessing more options

Anywhere you see a 3-dot icon, there are more options inside. Click on it to see the menu of extra options.

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