Creating a Qwilr Page from scratch

For some Qwilr pages, you'll want to start with a blank canvas and add the blocks of content you need.

Starting with a blank page

A new Qwilr Page starts from your dashboard. Click the Create New button in the top right corner. Then choose Blank Page.

Button to create a new Qwilr Page

Adding blocks

Your new page will show a placeholder for typing, and a + icon. Click that to add more blocks to your page. You can choose from six types of blocks.

Each type of block does a different job:

  • Text Block: Contains words, inline images, tables, maps, buttons, and
  • Splash Block: Displays background images or video with header text
  • Video Block: Embeds a video into the page
  • Embed Block: Allows you to embed content from other sources, like Google Maps, Typeforms, slide presentations, and calendars
  • Quote Block: Displays customizable price quotes
  • Accept Block: Displays an Accept button, and can include e-Sign and payment options

When you're ready to add the next block to your page, click on any of the + symbols you see between blocks. You can add as many blocks to your page as you need.

Learn more about moving, cloning, and deleting blocks here.

Adding content to blocks

In most bock types, you'll see this placeholder where you can start adding text. Click on it and start typing.

Once you have some text in the block, you'll be able to add formatting. Highlight any text, and an editing toolbar will pop up.

Learn more about the formatting options here.

Inserting visuals

One of the great things about web-based documents is how many different kinds of visual content you can add. In Qwilr, that all starts with the insertion icon. You'll see it everywhere there's a blank line in your page. Look for the plus symbol!

There's a lot you can do from this menu, including:

Adding styling

Anywhere you see a paint roller icon, that's where you can change colors, alignments, and other styles.

You'll see this icon in the top left corner of every block, and in lots of other locations. Learn more about styling here.

What's next?

From here, you can do even more with your page.

Have any questions? Reach out to our team - we're glad to help!

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