Creating a Qwilr Page from scratch

For some Qwilr pages, you'll want to start with a blank canvas and add the blocks of content you need. This article shows you how easy it is to get started.

Starting with a blank page

A new Qwilr Page starts from your dashboard. Click the Create new button in the top right corner. Then choose Blank Page.

Adding blocks

The new page will display a menu of Blocks, which give you lots of options for the kinds of content you can add to the page. Click any block to select it:

  • Text Block: Contains words, inline images, and tables
  • Splash Block: Displays background images or video with header text
  • Video Block: Embeds a video into the page
  • Embed Block: Allows you to embed content from other sources, like Google Maps, Typeforms, slide presentations, and calendars
  • Quote Block: Displays customizable price quotes
  • Accept Block: Displays an Accept button, and can include eSign and payment options (depending on your subscription plan)

When you're ready to add the next block to your page, click on any of the + symbols you see between blocks. You can add as many blocks as you need.

Moving or deleting blocks

Once you've added a block to your page, you can move it up or down as needed, or delete it. Click the Block Options menu (three dots) at the top left corner of any block. 

Click on the Move Block or Delete Block options.

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