Blocks: Locking Blocks for Admin-only Editing

Restricting Edit Access to Blocks to Ensure Content Integrity

There are times when you need to restrict edit access to a Saved Block in your Qwilr Page. This feature is particularly useful for sections such as Terms of Use statements, where maintaining the integrity of the content is crucial. By limiting edit access, you ensure that these important sections remain unchanged, preventing any unauthorized modifications and preserving the accuracy and consistency of your information.

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Note: Block-level permissions are available only on our Enterprise plan.

Locking a Block

With the lock in place, any User in your account will be able to use the Block in a Page, however, only admins will be able to edit its content.

To access your saved  Block Library, head to the top left corner of your dashboard. Click on Library, and then Blocks.

Locate the Block you want to Lock. Click the More Actions icon (3 dots), and then enable the Lock Editing to Admins switch. A lock icon will appear next to the Block Title.

What Your Account's Users Will See

If a User with Creator Access adds a Locked Saved Block to a Qwilr Page, they'll see a message that this Block is locked. The Creator won't be able to edit the content or styling of the Block. (Any admin will be able to make these edits, however.)

Even though the content can't be edited, some Block settings are still available. Creators will be able to make the Block foldable, move it up or down, or delete it from the Qwilr Page. All Users can access those options by clicking the Block Options icon (3 dots) in the top left corner of the block.

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