New Sharing & Security Settings (Fall 2022)

Qwilr's adding some exciting new tools! Here's a quick reference to use while we roll this update out to all our customers.

New pages start in Draft mode

Now, when you create a new Qwilr Page, it will default to a Draft status. This lets you edit and perfect the page without any danger of it accidentally being shared with your client.

Then when you're ready to share the page, you'll set it to the Live status. Here's how:

Step 1. Click on the Share button for the page.

Step 2. In the sharing settings, click the Set Live button and confirm your choice.

This makes the public link available, and automatically copies it to your clipboard. Now you can paste it into any message you're sending to your client.

Sharing a page with an internal collaborator

Sometimes you need a team member to review your page, but they don't have a license on your Qwilr account. That's what the new Collaborator preview link is for!

Best of all, you can send Collaborator preview links while your page is still in Draft mode - so there's no danger of your client seeing the page too soon. If your page is Live, your collaborators can safely view the preview link without triggering a page view in analytics.

Step 1. You can access this link from within the page editor. Head to the top right corner and click the Collaborate button. 

Step 2. Then, click Copy Collaborator Preview Link. You can paste this into any internal email or instant message.

When they visit the link, your collaborator will see this banner and pop-up. Collaborators can review the content, but not make any changes unless they're granted a license on your account.

Note: We don't recommend sharing the Collaborator preview link with clients. It's designed for internal users.

The Collaborator page also has a handy Presentation mode. Click the Present button to open a full-screen version of the page.

Did someone accidentally share the Collaborator link too widely? No problem - you can reset it any time.

Setting public page links to expire

When you make a Qwilr Page live to share with your client, you might not want that link to be available forever. Maybe you have a limited-time offer. Maybe you just want to keep your pipeline organized. Or maybe you want to protect sensitive content.

Here's how to add automatic expiry to a page:

Step 1. Click the Share button for the page.

Step 2. Click on Link expiry settings.

Step 3. Enable the switch, and then set the number of days the public link will be available.

If your client visits the public link after the expiration date, they'll see an error message.

The page will also change to a Declined status. Read on for more details.

Setting pages as Declined

The Declined page status helps you know which deals aren't closing. That way you can keep better track of active offers.

You can use the automatic link expiry (above) to move pages into the Declined status, or you can set any page to Declined manually.

Step 1. To manually set a page as Declined, click on its Share button

Step 2. In the sharing settings, head to the drop down menu next to the page's current status.

Step 3. Choose Set to Declined, and confirm your choice.

The public link to the page will stop working, and it will be locked for internal editing as well.

If you need the page later, repeat the steps above and set the page to Draft or Live. That makes it editable and shareable once again.

New dashboard options

Your dashboard now shows which pages are in Draft mode, which are Live, and which are Declined. 

Note: Live and Pending statuses are the same thing. If the page contains an Accept Block, it will be in Pending status, which means it's live and "pending acceptance."

Dashboard filtering

You can also filter your dashboard to pages with any status. That helps you quickly assess your current pipeline.

Viewing accepted pages

For pages that have been accepted, you now have two options:

Option 1. You can click on the Audit Trail button to view the signature and other details of acceptance.

Option 2. You can click on the page title and open a view of the page content. (This view can't be edited because the page has already been accepted. But you can clone an accepted page to create a new, editable version.) 

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