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  • Adding an ROI calculator

    Want to create a powerful picture of the value you bring to your client? Add an ROI calculator to your page. Your client can move the interactive slider to see those benefits grow. In this article:

  • Qwilr Class: Meet the New ROI Calculator

    Qwilr's ROI Calculator lets you paint a vivid, interactive picture of the value you bring to your prospects. In this webinar, we walk through setting up and using the calculator.

  • Writing a formula for the ROI calculator

    Once you've added an ROI calculator to your Qwilr Page, you'll need to create a formula for the calculation. This guide is here to help. In this article: Parts of a formula Ranges for your variables

  • Text Blocks

    A Text Block not only contains headings and text, it can have inline images, tables, maps, buttons, and videos as well. In this article: Creating a Text Block Formatting text Adding inline images,

  • Creating a Qwilr Page from scratch

    For some Qwilr pages, you'll want to start with a blank canvas and add the blocks of content you need. In this article: Starting with a blank page Adding blocks Adding content to blocks Inserting