Salesforce FAQ's

The Qwilr Salesforce integration allows you to create Qwilr Pages from within your Salesforce account. Here are answers to a few common questions about it.

Note: The Salesforce integration is available only on our Enterprise plan.

I wasn't able to connect my Salesforce account to Qwilr? 

To link accounts, you'll need to use the same email address for your Salesforce and Qwilr accounts. If you use one email for Salesforce and another for Qwilr, you'll need to either change your Salesforce email (via your admin) or your Qwilr email to make sure that they match. You can change your account email address by heading to your Account Settings.

If you don't have a Qwilr account, speak to your Salesforce admin about being added to your company's account.

How do variable fields work? 

See our Qwilr Page on Salesforce's fields

Do variable fields work in the Qwilr Page title? 

Yes! Just remember that Qwilr will add the object name to the end of the Project name by default.

For example: a Lead called John Smith being added to a template called Sales Proposal will be named Sales Proposal - John Smith

For more instructions check out our page here.

Does the integration work with the Quote Block? 

It does! When you add tokens into the line items, they'll be replaced with the relevant information. You can also tie in with the Opportunity Price Books if you'd like.

I'm having trouble with templates

If you're not seeing your templates within Salesforce, reach out to us for help.

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