Default account settings for your team

As you're setting your Qwilr account up for your team, here are some default settings you'll want to configure.

Default page privacy

Note: The important thing to know about privacy settings is that they'll apply only to users with Creator access. Anyone who's an admin on your account can automatically view and edit every page.

To access your default page settings, head to the top right corner of Qwilr and click on your initials. Then choose Account Settings, and then Account.

Here's what each option means:

  • Pages are private by default - All Qwilr Pages are visible only to the person who created them (and account admins).
  • Pages can be viewed by everyone - All new Qwilr Pages will be visible to all team members. Creators can only view, but account admins will be able to edit them.
  • Pages can be edited by everyone - All new pages can be edited by all Creators and admins in the account, regardless of who created them.

Note: These are account-wide settings. Any page owner can still choose to share or restrict the pages they create. That's a bigger topic - learn more about page permissions here.

Default invitation settings

Anyone with admin access in your account will be able to invite new users. If you like, you can also grant this ability to Creators.

To access your default invitation settings, head to the top right corner of Qwilr. Click on your initials, and choose Account Settings and then Account.

Here's what each option means:

  • Creators can invite any user - All non-admin users can invite anyone to your Qwilr account.
  • Creators can only invite users who share the same email domain - Non-admins would be restricted to inviting others with, for example, your company's email domain. Keep in mind that if a Creator uses a general email domain like, that would allow them to invite other users with that same domain.
  • Creators can't invite other users - Only admin users would be able to issue invitations.

Note: If a Creator issues a new user invitation that will result in an additional charge, we'll notify the account owner by email.

Default page view notifications

Note: This setting will apply only to your own user account. Each member of your team will need to login to Qwilr and configure this setting for themselves.

Each time a Qwilr Page is accepted, the person who created it will get an email notification by default. You can also receive other notifications. 

To set up your notifications, click on your initials in the top right corner of Qwilr. Then choose Account Settings, and then Notifications.

Here's what each option means:

  • Notification settings - As an admin, would you like to get email notifications for only your pages, or all pages created in the account?
  • Comment notifications - If someone comments your page or resolves an existing comment, would you like to get notifications?
  • Page view notifications - Would you like to get a notification when your page is viewed (in addition to the default acceptance notice)? You can get an email each time the page is viewed, or you can set a custom number of view notices.
  • Engagement - Have you set up Engagement Levels? Want to know if they change? More info on setting up engagement here

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