General CRMs: User Permissions for Templates

If you're using our CRM integrations, you can control which of your team members have access to specific templates.

These templates use the same permissions structure as the rest of your account:

  • Anyone with Admin access to the account can view and edit all templates.
  • Anyone with Creator access can only access templates when an admin has granted them access.

In your HubSpot or Salesforce account, Creators will see a list of the Qwilr templates they've been given access to.

Granting access to a CRM template

As an admin, you can grant a Creator either view-only or edit access to any template. To do this, head into your template dashboard by going to library at the top left, then selecting templates.

Choose the more actions menu for the template you wish to edit, and select edit this template.

Finally, head to the top right corner and click the Share With Team icon. Click on the field to bring up a list of current users.

From there, choose the user and their level of access. They'll now be able to use this template in your CRM.

Note: Giving a Creator view-only access to a template means they can create new pages, but can't make changes to the template itself.

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