FAQ: What branding options are available with each Qwilr plan?

Depending on your Qwilr plan, your account offers different levels of branding options!

Your plan also determines where (or whether) a Qwilr logo appears on pages and emails.

Let's take a look at some of the differences below. 

Feature:  Business Plan: Enterprise Plan:
Fonts Google Fonts Google Fonts plus Custom Fonts
Subdomain Custom Subdomain Custom Subdomain
Typekit Adobe (Typekit) Fonts Adobe (Typekit) Fonts
Brand colors Your brand colors Your brand colors
Qwilr badge in Acceptance Form Always shown Always shown
Qwilr badge in Acceptence Email Always shown Hidden
Custom Site Domain No Yes - Custom Domain available

Qwilr Badges

Acceptance Form Qwilr badge
The Acceptance form Badge is shown across all plans and links to our Trust and Security page, which lists our certifications and therefore is not removable for any plan. 

Acceptance Email Qwilr badge
The Email Badge is shown for all Business plan customers but is removed from Enterprise customers. 

If you'd like to explore our pricing and plans, please visit our plans page. 

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