Meet your Qwilr dashboard

Your Qwilr dashboard is the first thing you’ll see after logging in. Let’s take a quick tour.

What's on the dashboard?

Each new page you create will appear here. Hover over any title, and you can access some useful options.

Learn more about these options:

Note: In Qwilr, pages and templates are different things. If you convert any page to a template, if will move to your template library.

Pending? Live? Accepted?

Each page shows a current status, so you know which pages your client has accepted. 

Keeping your pages organized

Qwilr offers lots of ways to sort and store your pages.

If you add tags to your pages, that helps your team easily filter the dashboard to find specific pages.

You can also create public folders to organize your pages.

Creating a new page

There are two ways to do it: from a blank state, or from a template. Click the Create New button to get started.

Getting back to the dashboard

No matter where you are, head to the top left corner of Qwilr and click the logo. Boom! You're back on your dashboard.

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